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Funeral Service Ideas

Are you searching for unique funeral service ideas for a loved one who has passed away, and who was known for his or her love of golf?

You’ve come to the right place.  As part of Love Lives On’s exclusiveA Fitting Farewell” series, we have prepared for you this guidebook filled with funeral service ideas for a loved one who could always be found out on the golf course.

We’ve organized this guidebook into the following sections.  Each section contains a curated list of the very best ideas centred on a golf theme to inspire creative thinking when it comes to planning a funeral for your loved one that is truly A Fitting Farewell for a Master of the Game:

Why it’s Important to Work with Professionals

When it comes to planning an end-of-life ceremony, it’s highly advisable to engage the services of experienced professionals, like a funeral director and a celebrant, for 3 vital reasons.

(1)  They are Skilled Facilitators

Unlike weddings where only one person’s opinion matters, (i.e. the bride), many family members typically want to have a say when it comes to end-of-life ceremonies.

Since a time of loss is a stressful time for a family, it’s often difficult to arrive at a consensus about what a fitting ceremony looks like.  It may even instigate family in-fighting and reopen old wounds.

Engaging the services of a highly-trained funeral director and celebrant will greatly help diffuse the pressure of the situation.  They’re experts at facilitating productive conversations about how to best design a personalized ceremony that honours your loved one’s values, relationships and legacy.

(2)  They are Experts in Creating “A Fitting Farewell”

An end-of life ceremony should never be a “cookie-cutter” experience.  It should be as unique and special as your loved one was.

Funeral directors and celebrants are able to openly listen to all ideas expressed by the family and curate them.  These ideas can then be incorporated into the funeral ceremony.

A skilled professional will provide guidance about which ideas work best, based on their years of experience. They’ll also offer specific and creative suggestions of their own to help the ceremony design process.

They’re truly committed to ensuring that your loved one’s life is honoured in a meaningful way and that it’s a rich experience for everybody who participated with this final goodbye.

(3)  They Allow You to Focus on Saying Goodbye

If you chose to organize and run the service yourself, you’ll have to deal with the hundred-and-one logistical issues that arise when coordinating an important event.

It’s important to the grieving process to focus all your attention on saying goodbye to your loved one.

DIY ceremonies may save you a few dollars, but aren’t worth it in the long-run because you’ll miss out on the catharsis that comes with being in the moment and focusing on saying goodbye.

Instead, you’ll be distracted by the multitude of tasks that come with ensuring that the service runs smoothly.  You may later deeply regret this choice, and wished that you hired a professional to handle everything instead.

How do I find Caring Professionals in My Area?

We recommend searching Love Lives On’s Business Directory for local funeral homes and celebrants.

Most funeral homes are happy to work in tandem with a celebrant of your choosing.  (But it’s best to ask at the outset to avoid any misunderstanding.)

Want to Learn More About the Work that Funeral Celebrants Do?

Celebrants are passionate about helping families that have lost a loved one.  To learn more about the important work they do, we recommend reading:

A comprehensive guide to all your funeral celebrant questions by Cyndy Neilly-Spence, a Master Life Cycle Celebrant.

How to plan a ceremony with the help of a celebrant.

Funeral Venues

At a traditional funeral service, unlike a memorial service or celebration of life, your loved one’s body will be present at the ceremony. For this reason, your options for funeral service venues may be a little more limited.

Because of their ability to easily accommodate a funeral service, commonly used venues for funeral services include a local church or chapel, a funeral home, or a community centre or banquet hall. You can search our Business Directory to find a funeral home in your area to use as a funeral service venue.

However, a funeral home, church or community centre are not your only options for funeral venues. Here are a few more unique ideas for where to host A Fitting Farewell for a Master of the Game.

We can’t think of a better place to have a funeral service for a loved one who was a golf fanatic than at his or her favourite golf course. Consider having the funeral ceremony somewhere out on the golf course. If you like this idea, just make sure that you pick a location on the course that will be easily accessible for those transporting the casket (e.g. the green of the 18th hole as this tends to be close to the clubhouse).

You’ll also want to check with the golf course first to see if they would be willing to accommodate this request. Some golf courses might be reluctant to this as the casket may damage the grounds of the course.

Funeral Venues

Alternatively, you could also consider having the funeral service inside the clubhouse at the golf course. Many golf courses have beautiful clubhouses with event spaces that you can rent out for the funeral service and reception.

Funeral Venues

A restaurant would also make a beautiful choice for a loved one’s funeral venue. Consider hosting the funeral service at one of your loved one’s favourite restaurants.

If there happens to be a golf-inspired restaurant in the town where you are hosting your loved one’s funeral and reception, this will make a particularly suitable venue choice.

Funeral Venues

Funeral Invitations – Printed Invitations

Because of the need for a timely burial, a traditional funeral service typically takes place within a week or two following the death of a loved one. A week or two is not a lot of time to make all the necessary arrangements and let people know about the upcoming service, especially when you are grieving.

If you are planning to send out printed invitations, it is crucial to get these made, printed and mailed to recipients as soon as possible after the funeral service details are finalized in order to give friends and family enough time to make plans to attend the service.

A typical funeral invitation should include the following information:

  • The first and last name of the deceased.
  • The date that the funeral service and reception will take place.
  • Details about the wake or visitation (if applicable).
  • The name and address of the funeral venue.  (Be sure to include the funeral service venue, burial location, and post-funeral reception venue if they are all in different places.)
  • The start and end times for the funeral service and reception. (Make sure that you confirm these details with the venue(s) before printing your invitations!)
  • Information about the food or drinks that will be provided at the reception. These details let guests know what to expect so that they can plan accordingly.  If you are planning a “pot-luck,” the invitation should specify what you want guests to bring.
  • If the funeral and reception are at an outdoor location, your invitation should also include details about the backup plan in the event of bad weather (including the rain location and address).
  • The funeral invitation should also include the name of a contact person and his or her phone number or e-mail address so that guests know who they should contact with any questions, or to RSVP.  (RSVP’s are essential so that you can get an accurate guest count and make sure you plan for sufficient food and seating at the funeral and reception.)

If you are short for time and do not think that there is enough time to print and post the funeral invitations, consider sending electronic invitations by email or through social media. Electronic invitations (also referred to as e-vites) deliver instantly to your guests’ inboxes.

There are several online invitation platforms that you can use for electronic invitations. You can find the complete list of our favourites in our Ultimate Guide to Funeral Reception Invitations.

Canva is one of our favourite design platforms for creating electronic and printed funeral invitations. It’s free to sign up for and has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor with hundreds of stunning, completely customizable invitation templates.

Most design elements are free; however, having a premium account allows you to access more design option. They also have an extensive library of free photos you can use to customize your loved one’s funeral invitation.

Canva also offers many golf-inspired design elements to use to personalize the invitations.  (Note that all free features are labelled “free” in the drag-and-drop menu, so make sure to keep this in mind when designing.)

It’s important when designing the invitations to keep in mind the tone of the visual design of the invitation. The invitation design should reflect the desired tone of the funeral service.

In the images below, we’ve created several sample designs for funeral invitations that can be made using Canva. The templates were edited to reflect the theme of A Fitting Farewell for a Master of the Game.  All elements used in these examples are free on Canva and royalty-free stock photos sites like Pixabay and Pexels.  Canva provides you with the option to order your loved one’s invitation design directly from their platform to be printed and shipped to you.

You can convey a lot of information about your loved one’s funeral service in the invitation design. The first two invitation examples below are for a funeral service that will be followed by a full meal reception.

These examples use formal language and sophisticated font choices and colour palettes. These designs indicate that these invitations are for a traditional funeral service.

Funeral Invitations

This next set of funeral invitation examples feature text options that are appropriate for a funeral service that will be followed by a reception serving light refreshments only, such as canapés.

This information lets guests know ahead of time that there will not be a full meal following the service so that they can plan accordingly.

Funeral Invitations

This last set of funeral invitation examples are for a funeral service only (i.e. there will not be a reception of any kind following the funeral service). These examples use casual language, playful font choices and colourful imagery, indicating that the funeral service might be less formal and less traditional.

It’s becoming more common for families to break from the tradition of wearing black to a funeral and request that guests dress in some other way in honour of the deceased. If this is an idea that appeals to you and your family, specify the desired dress code for your guests directly on the invitation. For example, consider asking guests to wear golf-inspired attire to the funeral service (see the example on the left below).

Funeral Invitations

Funeral Invitations – Social Media Invitations

The most significant advantage of opting to send invitations electronically is timing. If you are tight for time with sending invitations before the funeral date, electronic invites are a great alternative to printed invitations. Electronic invitations eliminate any worries associated with print time, postage delays or lost mail.

Another advantage is that electronic invites often tend to be more cost-effective than printed invitations as you don’t have to factor in the fees associated with ink, paper and postage.

However, you do want to consider the demographics of the guests you are inviting to the funeral and whether or not they are active online. Do they check their social media accounts and e-mails regularly? For guests that you know that are not active online, you might want to follow up with a phone call telling them to check their accounts for an invitation.

Instantly share a personalized, one-of-a-kind social media inviting friends and family to a funeral service to celebrate his or her life with a Meme-orial.  You can create a unique social media invitation using Meme-orial in 3 simple steps.  

Select a photo of your loved one, add a custom message and then select a background that reflects the theme of the funeral service.

You can either write the details of the event in place of the personalized message (like in the example below on the left) or write the details of the funeral service and reception in the post that accompanies the Meme-orial (like in the example on the right).

Once you’ve created the Meme-orial, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter with the click of a button.

Funeral Invitations Social Media

Funeral Programs

Funeral programs, or “order of services,” are small brochures that usually contains a tribute to the deceased as well as the details of what will take place during the funeral.

Creating a funeral program for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game requires careful attention, and you might want to devote some extra time to this project in the funeral planning process. You can’t complete the program without finalizing all the details about the service beforehand. However, you can get started on the design and fill in the various pieces of information as they are decided. As soon as all the details are finalized, you can update the program information and order printed programs as soon as possible.

Funeral programs can also serve as a beautiful keepsake item for guests who attend the funeral service.

Customarily, a funeral program should include the following information:

  • The full name of the deceased.
  • The deceased’s birth and death dates.
  • A photo of the deceased.
  • The date, time and place of the funeral service.
  • The full name of the pastor or officiant who will be presiding over your loved one’s funeral service.
  • The full name of the person who will be delivering the eulogy. (You may choose to include the relationship of this person to the deceased).
  • The titles of songs (and the artists) that will be played or sung during the funeral service.
  • The titles of any poems or readings (and the authors) that will be shared during the funeral service.

You can choose to include some additional information in the funeral program. Just keep in mind that the more pages you have in the funeral program, the higher the costs will be for printing. Some ideas for other information you might want to include in the funeral program are:

  • A brief biography of the deceased’s life, which may consist of notable achievements, hobbies, favourite song, flowers, poem, book or TV show.
  • Additional photos of the deceased at different stages of his or her life, or during important occasions.
  • Complete order of services (i.e. everything that will take place during the funeral service).
  • List of surviving family members by whom they will be missed.
  • Names or pictures of treasured pets.
  • A ‘thank you’ message from the family to the guests that attended the funeral, along with acknowledgments of any special contributions such as funeral flowers, food or monetary donations.

For a professionally formatted and printed funeral program, consider using the reputable funeral printing service.

Here are a couple of examples of the types of custom funeral programs that you can have made through a professional printer, like Funeral Prints.

Funeral Programs

Easily download the background image used above in this funeral program template here.

Funeral Programs

Easily download the background image used above in this funeral program template here.

Search our Business Directory for more unique funeral ideas.

Funeral Flowers

There are a variety of creative funeral flower arrangement ideas that would make beautiful floral tributes for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game. Using elements you’d commonly find on the golf course such as a golf bag, golf clubs, golf tees, golf balls and golf gloves (to name a few!), you can create some unique golf-inspired funeral flower arrangements.

Below are images displaying some of our favourite ideas for golf-themed funeral flower arrangements.

These funeral flower arrangements might be a little too complex to put together on your own. However, a local florist would be able to use his or her skills to bring your vision to life.  Search our Business Directory to find a local florist that will be happy to help.

Funeral Flowers

If you are looking for a more cost-effective DIY option for your loved one’s funeral flowers, then this next set of flower arrangement ideas might be just what you’re looking for. These arrangements are easy to put together yourself using flowers that you can purchase at a local grocery store or flower shop.

Put a golf twist on a simple hydrangea bouquet by adding several golf balls to the base of a clear, glass vase (see image below; top-left). These would make beautiful funeral flower arrangements to display on tables around the funeral venue and couldn’t be easier to assemble.

Another golf-ball inspired funeral flower arrangement idea is to replicate this funeral basket by filling a wire basket with golf balls (see image below; top-middle). Arrange meaningful flowers of your choice in the basket by sticking the stems through the gaps between the golf balls. You can also use silk flowers for this arrangement if you are planning on making it ahead of time (fresh flowers will not keep out of water for very long).

This next example adds a golfing element to a basic arrangement of greenery by accenting a golf ball vase with a tee and golf ball (see image below; top-right). To ensure the golf ball stays on the tee, add a little hot glue to the base of the tee to fasten the golf ball.

Did your loved one have a favourite pair of golf shoes? Fill his or her old golf shoes with an arrangement of flowers by following this DIY shoe planter tutorial (see image below; bottom-centre). You can use floral foam to hold your flowers in place in the shoe. Alternatively, you can choose to use silk flowers so that you can easily bend the wire stems and secure them in the floral foam in the shoe.

Lastly, this easy DIY funeral flower arrangement can be made out of your loved one’s old golf clubs (see image below; bottom-right). Select a variety of clubs of varying heights and arrange them in a large, sturdy vase. Add in a variety of flowers and greenery around the golf clubs in the base of the vessel. These would make beautiful “funeral sprays” to display at the front of the funeral venue on either side of your loved one’s casket.

Funeral Flowers

Want to bring an extra-personal touch to your loved one’s funeral flowers?  Learn the meanings behind 10+ popular funeral flowers to help you choose flower types and colours that reflect the message you are trying to convey with your flower arrangement.

Funeral Music

We searched high and low for funeral music that directly relates to the golf theme without any luck. Although there isn’t any funeral music (that we could find!) that directly relates to golf, you can still use funeral music to add a deeply personal touch to your loved one’s funeral service.

Select a collection of your loved one’s favourite songs and songs that remind you of your loved one to create a funeral playlist. There are sure to be many songs that will trigger fond memories of your loved one.

Typically, you would select funeral music to play at various points throughout the funeral service (e.g. when guests are entering the venue, after the eulogy or as guests are leaving).

If you’re feeling stumped for funeral music ideas, we’ve also compiled a list of 200+ of the best funeral songs for funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life.

If your loved one was religious and you wish to incorporate some religious sentiments into his or her funeral service, we also have a list of 50+ of the best funeral gospel songs.

If you know of any music that would be appropriate for a funeral and relates to the golf theme, please share them with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you and will be sure to add them to A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game.

Funeral Songs

You can consider adding a more intimate touch to your loved one’s funeral with live music.

Live music is one of our favourite ideas for personalizing a funeral as it can serve as a deeply emotional tribute to your loved one.

If you know someone with a beautiful voice or who can play an instrument masterfully, consider asking whether they would be willing to perform a song in memory of your loved one during his or her funeral service.

Your loved one’s favourite song or a song that you feel perfectly captures the essence of who your loved one was would make a beautiful choice for such a performance.

If you’re looking for ideas for a song for a live performance, you can browse our list of 200+ of the best funeral songs or 50+ of the best funeral gospel songs.

You can also consider selecting a funeral song where you’ll have all the guests at the funeral service sing along. If this is something that interests you, make sure to include the lyrics to the funeral song in the funeral program.

Funeral Readings

Funeral services traditionally include a couple of funeral readings as a way to pay tribute to your loved one.

When choosing readings to include in your loved one’s funeral service, try to select ones that are meaningful and reflect the person you are remembering. For example, if your loved one was a person of faith, reading a passage from the bible or book of worship would be an appropriate selection.

You can browse our collection of popular bible verse for funerals to find ideas for a religious reading. You could also consider reading a passage from your loved one’s favourite religious writer.

Readings you select should reflect your loved one and his or her passions, values, or beliefs. If your loved one wasn’t religious during his or her life, it’d be more fitting to choose secular readings to include in the funeral service.

If you’re looking for help selecting funeral readings and creating a personalized funeral service, you might consider hiring the help of a funeral celebrant.

Funeral celebrants are ceremony experts who specialize in creating and officiating personalized ceremonies. Collaborating closely with families and loved ones, they take great care and place careful attention to the personalization of the ceremony experience through words, readings, poems, music and ritual.

Search our Business Directory to find a local celebrant to help you plan and officiate a personalized funeral service for a loved one.

Funeral Readings for Children

This first funeral reading would make a beautiful selection for a child or teen to read at your loved one’s funeral ceremony. The reading sends a comforting message to those who are gathered and grieving the loss of your loved one. Written in the voice of the deceased, this reading is a message to loved ones about how he or she wants to be remembered.

After Glow

Author Unknown

I’d like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done.
I’d like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing times
and bright and sunny days.
I’d like the tears of those who grieve,
to dry before the sun
of happy memories
that I leave when life is done

Funeral Readings for Adults

This first golf-inspired funeral reading is the perfect tribute for a loved one whose mind was always on the golf course. It speaks of drifting to sleep, peacefully counting the holes on the golf course instead of sheep. A beautiful reading to honour a loved one who lived for the moments spent playing his or her favourite game.

Night Golf

By Billy Collins

I remember the night I discovered,
lying in bed in the dark,
that a few imagined holes of golf
worked much better than a thousand sheep,

that the local links,
not the cloudy pasture with its easy fence,
was the greener path to sleep.

How soothing to stroll the shadowy fairways,
to skirt the moon-blanched bunkers
and hear the night owl in the woods.

Who cared about the score
when the club swung with the ease of air
and I glided from shot to shot
over the mown and rolling ground,
alone and drowsy with my weightless bag?

Eighteen small cups punched into the bristling grass,
eighteen flags limp on their sticks
in the silent, windless dark,

but in the bedroom with its luminous clock
and propped-open windows,
I got only as far as the seventh hole
before I drifted easily away –

the difficult seventh, ‘The Tester’ they called it,
where, just as on the earlier holes,
I tapped in, dreamily, for birdie.


This next reading draws on some beautiful comparisons between the game of golf and life. A fitting reading to include in A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game.


By Randy Sabados

How does one speak about the game of golf? A game of so many emotions, both highs and lows. It can be as sweet and passionate as your lover on a warm summer night ~ your swing is flowing smooth and easy and the ball is rolling the greens pure and true. It can feel as if you’re destined to endless torture ~ your heart being slowly ripped out, piece by piece when you struggle, hole by hole. You can experience nature’s beauty as your mind and soul wander between shots. A friendship can be forged for a lifetime as you talk, laugh and joke with others while sharing this crazy bond with a ball and clubs. Sportsmanship is exemplified at a level above other sports ~ where self honesty still shines and gives the game dignity. It is said that you can tell much about one’s character by watching how they carry themselves throughout eighteen holes ~ because golf is so much like life ~ full of adversity and ‘rub of the greens’. No matter how bad your round was, you keep coming back to give it another go ~ the same way you pick yourself up off of the floor when life’s random hurts come your way.

And Why?

You come back because of the challenge, that rush of euphoria ~ when you hit the perfect shot or knock in the forty foot snake ~ just to have that indescribable feeling ~ to see the look on your buddies’ faces ~ when they think they’ve got you ~ and you come from nowhere to tie or beat them on a hole or in a match. The jokes, the laughter, the razzing and ribbing ~ the humbleness and the handshakes, the beers and the tears. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you finally win a tournament, which so seldom comes your way. Oh, this game! It is never, ever the same from day to day! We all hold something about this wonderful game so close and deep within our hearts. It fills our souls with feelings of life.


Lastly, this funeral reading speaks of a true love affair with the game of golf. From the sound that the ball makes when it’s hit to the hours walking the course in the sunshine, this reading is a true ode to the game.



By Abhay Agarwal

The sound of golf balls clicking brings me joy.
The ball is flying like a soaring bird.
Yet walking hours throughout the burning course.
Too soon these days of golf come to an end.
The practice needed, is it worth the time?
Hit after hit the fun is drying up.
Depressing saying golf is not too fun.
Now this sport is not worth my precious time.
But yet when I remember our fun times.
The beauty of the nature we play on.
The beauty of the tune birds always sing
Quite short the season, precious is its span.
This sport is like a missing puzzle piece.
This is a segment of my mind and soul.


Funeral Poems

Similarly to selecting readings, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing funeral poems for your loved one’s service.

Once again, you really want the poems that you choose to genuinely reflect the person you are remembering. So think about your loved one and what unique qualities you want to pay tribute to with your poetry selections and choose poems that reflect these qualities.

You also want to make sure to keep in mind how the guests will be feeling during the funeral service. Poetry can evoke very powerful emotional responses. Since the funeral is likely taking place a week or two after your loved one’s passing, the grief and loss that people are feeling are still likely very raw. Therefore, poems with comforting and consoling sentiments might be more appropriate than poems that have a celebratory tone.

In the next two sections, you’ll find funeral poems that tie into the golf theme of A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game that you might wish to include in the service.

Funeral Poems for Children

This sweet funeral poem is short enough for a child to recite by memory and would be the perfect funeral poem that uses imagery that places you on the golf course.

The final line “good night, dear heart, good night, good night” could be interpreted as saying goodbye to your loved one.

Warm Summer Sun

By Mark Twain

Warm summer sun, shine kindly here;
Warm southern wind, blow softly here;
Green sod above, lie light, lie light;
Good night, dear heart, good night, good night.


This is another beautiful funeral poem that can be modified by replacing the word “Uncle” with another noun.


By Elizabeth (the 5th line can be modified to fit relationship to deceased)

Kind, loving, generous,
cheeky, playful, adventurous.
Full of laughter, full of fun,
could get a smile from anyone.
When God gave us gifts
he tried to be fair,
but when we got you
we got more than our share.


This beautiful funeral poem compares the joys and challenges you come across in a round of golf with those you face in life. A beautiful poem to honour a life well lived.

Life is Like a Round of Golf

By Criswell Freeman

Life is like a round of golf
With many a turn and twist.
But the game is much too sweet and short
To curse the shots you’ve missed.

Sometimes you’ll hit it straight and far
Sometimes the putts roll true.
But each round has it’s errant shots
And troubles to play through.

So always swing with courage
No matter what the lie.
And never let the hazards
Destroy the joy inside.

And keep a song within your heart
Give thanks that you can play.
For the round is much too short and sweet
To let it slip away.


Lastly, this short funeral poem by Robert Frost uses imagery of nature and the Garden of Eden to express the sentiment that nothing good or precious can last forever.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

By Robert Frost 

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down today.
Nothing gold can stay.


Funeral Poems for Adults

The following funeral poems would make beautiful selections for an adult who wishes to contribute to A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game.

This funeral poem speaks of a “golf course in the sky” and leaves you with a beautiful picture of your loved one playing golf in heaven, surrounded by old friends.

The Golf Course in the Sky

By Michael Ashby

As eighteen flags flew at half mast, and
Glasses were soberly raised high
The latest member was having a ball
At the golf course in the sky

Freed from the gravity of the situation
The first tee shot soared through space
Bringing a wondrous, beaming smile
To a kind, down to earth face

Surrounded by old club friends
Once thought never to be seen again
The infinity course beckoned ahead
Eighteen holes were for mere mortal men


Lastly, this golfing funeral poem could be used in a tribute to a golfer that has played his or her “final round”.

An Elegy On the Links

Unknown Author

The sunset slowly tells the death of day.
At last deserted in each sand-strewn tee.
The caddie homeward wends his weary way.
And leaves the links to silence and to me.

The shadows lengthen on the grassy slopes
Where nibbling sheep still dot the scene with white.
They fade away, like fleeting earthly hopes,
And melt into the shades of coming night.

All silent, save for sounds of bleatings faint
That float to me upon the evening air;
Or, from the darkening wood, some twittered plaint
Of birds that seek nocturnal shelter there.

Upon these close-mown greens, this fading field,
Where hazards full of hidden dangers lie,
The warriors of peace their weapons wield,
And in the friendly contest daily vie.

No more to-day, with shouts from happy lips,
They send their greetings on the ambient air,
And tingle to their very finger-tips,
Enchanted by this game beyond compare.

For them no more the faithful caddie slings
The well-worn bag his youthful shoulder o’er,
Or polished clubs to them, unbidden brings,
Or helps record the all-important score.

Not all who tread these greens can win success,
But few can hold the cups and medals bright.
Yet all may gain that priceless blessedness,
The ruddy health that makes all burdens light.

Let not ambition blind the devotees
Who worship at golf’s grassy temple green.
It is not only they that rule the tees
Who summits of athletic joy have seen.

Full many a man may play a modest game
And feel a joy unclouded, heaven-sent.
No anxious aims entice him on the fame,
He’s free from care, and with his lot content.

For such as this, when golfing days are o’er,
And death’s angel putts the winning hole,
And those above sum up his life’s full score,
Write thus his epitaph, and seek his goal.

Funeral Decorations

When you think of the game of golf, what are some things that immediately come to mind? Perhaps it’s the smell of freshly cut grass, beautiful pine trees, or the bright numbered flags marking each hole.

Use these snapshots as ideas to inspire the funeral decorations for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game. Here are a few of our favourite funeral decoration ideas that elegantly capture the golf theme.

This first decoration idea plays off all the nature that you find out on the golf course and transforms it into a beautiful candle decoration (see image below on the left). An arrangement of pinecones, pine tree branches, and pine needles, is topped with delicate tea light candles to create this beautiful display. This simple yet elegant decoration idea makes you feel like you’re trekking through a tree-covered trail from one hole to the next.

The golf greens inspired this next garland decoration idea. Short, manicured false grass is cut into triangles and strung together using hemp string to create this unique hanging garland (see image below; top-middle).

Another unique decoration idea for a golf-inspired funeral is to make a DIY golf ball wreath (see image below; top-right). This tutorial uses plastic golf balls to create a beautiful golf ball wreath. To add an extra personal touch, you can spray paint the golf balls in your loved one’s favourite colour.

This next golf-themed funeral decoration idea is reminiscent of losing your golf ball in the rough off the fairway (something every golfer has experienced!). These decorations can be made by filling glass vases with golf balls and topping them with greenery nestled in a small burlap sack. A golf ball then sits delicately on top of the greenery (see image below; bottom-left).

Next, we have another candle decoration idea, this time using clear glass vases filled with golf balls and water, topped with floating candles (see image below; bottom-middle).

Finally, inspired by the flags that number the holes on the golf course, fill a small decorative pale with soil or sand, false grass and top with a golf ball. Attach a piece of triangular construction paper to a wooden dowel with a hot glue gun and stick the dowel into the sand in the pale (see image below; bottom-right).

Funeral Decoration Ideas

Funeral Guest Book

It’s common to have a funeral guest book where guests can sign their names and share special memories or leave thoughtful sentiments about the deceased.

A funeral guest book provides guests with a way to express their grief and offer messages of condolences to the family of the deceased. It can be comforting to read through these heartfelt messages and see just how many lives your loved one touched.

You might wish to set up a table near the entrance of the funeral service venue where you can display the guest book for guests to sign as they enter. This table can also be decorated to reflect the golf theme (we cover funeral table decoration ideas further on).

In the image below are some of our favourite ideas for traditional funeral guest books that would be appropriate for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game.

From left to right, this first guest book can be purchased from Amazon and features a beautiful sunset and a silhouette of a golfer. A perfect option for a golf-themed funeral guest book (see image below; top-left).

This next funeral guest book can be purchased from Zazzle and is an elegant and sophisticated choice that would be appropriate for any funeral service, regardless of the theme (see image below; top-right). You can always opt for a neutral guest book like this and tie it into the golf theme by decorating the table that it is sitting on with golf-related items such as your loved one’s old golf glove or shoes, golf balls and tees, or some golf clubs (such as a putter).

This next funeral guest book doesn’t directly relate to golf in an obvious way. However, the green tones and flower and fern details are reminiscent of all the plants and nature that are abundant on the golf course, making this guest from Indigo a beautiful selection (see image below; bottom-left).

Next, this simple sunset funeral guest book from Zazzle allows you to personalize the front cover with your loved one’s name and would be appropriate for any funeral service (see image below; bottom-middle).

Lastly, this funeral guest book featuring red hearts, a golf ball and golf tees, also from Zazzle, would be a fitting ode to your loved one’s love affair with golf (see image below; bottom-left).

Funeral Guest Book

On the other hand, you may choose to have a guest book that is a little less traditional than a physical book. Personalize your loved one’s funeral by getting a bit creative by using other items as the funeral guest book.

Instead of signing a book, have guests at your loved one’s funeral sign your loved one’s favourite golf shirt (see example in the image below; top-left). After the funeral, you can have this shirt mounted and framed to hang as a treasured keepsake.

Similar to the golf shirt idea, have guests each sign a golf ball or a golf tee. Guests can sign their names on the tees or write a special memory they have of your loved one on the golf balls (see examples in the image below; top-middle and top-right). You’ll need a fine tip permanent marker for your guests to sign these objects.

Lastly, get your guests to sign a flag from one of the holes on the golf course. You can ask your loved one’s favourite golf club if they would be willing to give you a flag from one of the holes that might need replacing, or if they can order one for you. After the funeral, you can mount and frame this flag to display in your home in his or her memory (see image below; bottom right).

If you decide to go this route, have a dedicated table for the guest book and include a sign that says something like “Please leave a memory about [Deceased’s Name]” (or whatever message you wish to add). It is helpful to have a sign to make it clear to guests that this object will be used as the guest book and is meant to be signed.

Funeral Guest Book

Legacy Online Memorials

Unique ways for memorializing loved ones in the virtual space are becoming increasingly more popular.

Websites like the Butterfly Memorial Garden allow you to create legacy online memorials to create a lasting digital tribute for your loved one. Create a stunning virtual butterfly garden where funeral guests can share memories and design their own unique, hand-crafted butterfly to live in the garden. With gorgeous landscapes that change with the seasons, this is a truly unique online memorial experience.

This private garden can be a place of healing that friends and family can visit whenever they’re missing your loved one.

You can keep your garden alive for as long as you want to by renewing your subscription plan.

Easily sign up through the secure payment portal and in a few simple steps, you’ll have a gorgeous private butterfly memorial garden to commemorate the life and legacy of your loved one.

Legacy Online Memorials

Funeral Memory Boards

Creating a funeral memory board is a beautiful way to present a visual story of your loved one’s life at his or her funeral service. It adds an extra touch of meaningful personalization.

A personalized funeral memory board can honour your loved one, provide guests with more insight into his or her beautiful life, and serve as a reminder of the many precious memories shared.

You have a variety of options you can consider when it comes to creating a funeral memory board. You can opt for the traditional poster board memory board (like in the image below; bottom-left and bottom-right), or you can choose to put a unique spin on it by creating a memory table (see image below; top-right), or a photo clothesline frame (see image below on the left).

Funeral Memory Boards

The idea behind a funeral memory board is to share a visual representation of your loved one’s unique life. Starting with childhood, try to capture the full story of your loved one’s life by including photos of him or her at different ages. Include a variety of photos that showcase some of the special relationships he or she had, different passions or hobbies, and significant milestones and accomplishments.

Going through photographs of your loved one after his or her passing can trigger some difficult emotions. Consider making an event of creating the funeral memory service board by inviting close friends and family over to help you with this project. You’ll probably find that family members and friends would be more than happy to help you with this project, and this can serve as a cathartic exercise by bringing together people who are grieving.

They will also likely be able to provide you with photos of your loved one that you may have never even seen before. This will allow you to present a more complete story of your loved one’s life.

Ask them to gather possible photos beforehand, and plan an evening where you can go through them together and pick your favourites to include in the board.

Let them know beforehand that you’re planning A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game so that they can be on the lookout for any photos they have of your loved one that ties into the golf theme.

Before the event, you’ll need to gather a few craft supplies to create your loved one’s funeral memory board.

Labelling photos with the date or year in which they were taken provides guests with some context about what age your loved one was when the photo was taken.  If you don’t remember the exact date, a rough guess that says something like “circa 1965” or an approximate age would still be helpful to include.

You can look for decorative photo labels that tie into the golf theme at your local craft store or on Amazon.

You don’t need to limit the funeral memory board to photos; you can also items like certificates, postcards, medals, ticket stubs or other meaningful personal mementos that your loved one collected.

You might also want to purchase other decorative elements, like fake grass, golf tees, and golf balls to use to decorate the board.

You’ll need to purchase a poster display board if you’re opting for a traditional funeral memory board.  We recommend using the largest board possible to ensure you have enough space for all the photos and mementos you want to display.  You don’t want to buy a poster display board that’s smaller than 48-by-36-inches.

You can purchase a 48-by-36-inch paper poster board from a local office-supply store or art store, or order it online from Amazon.

You can use other types of boards as the base of your traditional funeral memory board, including foam display boards; easel-pad sheets; cork boards; dry-erase boards; magnetic boards; or even a piece of plywood cut to size.

If you want to create a DIY framed clothesline board, you’ll need a decorative photo frame(s), hemp string, small clothespins (you can purchase these at Amazon or a local craft store), glue and scissors.

You might find it difficult to find one picture frame large enough to display all the photos you want to; you can create a display using multiple smaller frames.

Typically, the funeral memory board would sit on a table alongside other items that were significant to your loved one (or on an easel next to the table).  Or, you could choose to create a memory table instead of a funeral memory board where you include decorations like your loved one’s old golf clubs, golf clothes, golf gloves, golf balls, and golf tees.

Funeral Posters

A customized funeral poster to commemorate your loved one to display at the funeral service would make a beautiful addition for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game.

Many event venues or funeral homes have easels to lend you for the funeral service, or you can purchase one on Amazon.

Here are a few free stock photos you could use for your background of the funeral poster.  You can download these royalty-free images to use in your design from Pixabay.  From left to right: Macro Golf BallPutting Green Background and The Golfer Background.

Funeral Posters

Find more unique funeral ideas to personalize a loved one’s funeral service by Searching our Business Directory.

Funeral Table Decorations

If you’re planning a funeral reception with a sit-down meal, you’ll likely be looking for some funeral table decoration ideas.

Depending on the number of people you’re expecting to attend the reception, you may choose to seat everyone at one large table or several smaller tables. Each of these tables could be decorated with golf-inspired centrepieces and place settings to emphasize the golfing theme of the funeral service.

Fake grass placemats are the perfect table decoration for a golf-themed funeral and resemble the golf greens your loved one loved so much. Accent this idea with a golf scorecard that can be used as a place card, featuring the names of each of your guests (see image below on the left).

We love this next table decoration idea for place settings. Fill small metal buckets with fake grass, a tee and top it with a golf ball with each guests’ name on it (see image below; top middle and top-left).

If you opt for several smaller tables, consider utilizing these super simple fishbowl decorations filled with fake grass and a golf ball. Combine two of these smaller decorations with a larger vase filled with golf balls, water, and your loved one’s favourite flower to create a beautiful centrepiece (see image below; bottom-left).

For longer tables, these fake grass runners really bring the golf theme to life. You can decorate the golf runner however you like by using a combination of golf-inspired items such as golf balls, golf tees, and golf clubs (like in the image below; bottom-middle and bottom-right).  You can also set the grass runner over top of a golf-themed table cloth (see image below; bottom-right).

Funeral Table Decorations

Funeral Reception Food

If you are planning to have a funeral reception immediately following the funeral service, there are a couple of things to consider when deciding what food to serve.

For starters, you want to consider how many people you are planning to attend the funeral and reception.  If you’re expecting a large turnout, you might want to opt for a buffet-style or potluck meal as this tends to be less expensive and easier to prepare than a plated dinner.

You could also consider hiring a caterer for the funeral reception. Using a caterer to provide the food for a funeral reception meal is becoming increasingly more popular. A caterer will take care of all your food needs and can also offer you some insight into what kinds of dishes might be appropriate for your event and how much you should buy.

Similarly, if you plan to have the funeral reception at a restaurant, your food needs will be entirely taken care of by the restaurant. You can work with the restaurant staff to select dishes that you would like to include in the funeral reception meal for your guests.

If you’re having a more intimate reception with just your closest friends and family, it might make more sense to take care of the food yourself.

We’ve separated this section by different types of funeral food options from one-bite canapés to sit-down, family-style meals consisting of main dish recipe ideas, side dishes, salads and desserts that you might wish to whip up for your loved one’s golf-themed funeral reception meal.

It’s important to remember when selecting recipes for the reception meal that you will be dealing with a lot of emotions throughout the day so you want to choose dishes that can be made ahead of time or are easy to make. The following recipes were all selected with this in mind so that you’ll have no problem putting together these simple, yet delicious, dishes.

Canapés for the Funeral Reception

These first appetizers, Caprese Tees, are the perfect quick and easy golf-themed appetizer! They feature the elements that make up a Caprese salad — fresh mini mozzarella balls (bocconcini), cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil — on a golf tee “skewer.”

A cheese “golf” ball would also make an appropriate, and delicious, addition to the appetizers for your funeral food menu. Try any one of these delightful Cheese Ball Recipes.

Another play on words inspired this next golf-themed appetizer idea, a Mini “Wedge” Salad. This recipe could not be any easier — just four ingredients and three simple steps!

When you think of golf, it’s hard not to think about the South. Some of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world take place in the American South, including the iconic Master’s tournament at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. Taking inspiration from the South, these Fried Green Tomatoes are crispy on the outside, tender in the middle, and incredibly addictive! A satisfying appetizer for a funeral reception.

We love this carved Watermelon Golf Ball Bowl to use as the bowl to serve delicious fresh fruit as part of your appetizer spread. Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to recreate this carved watermelon masterpiece. The watermelon bowl can be carved and stored in the fridge the day before the funeral service.

Another easy appetizer idea for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game is Par-“Tee” Subs or “Golf” Club Sandwiches. Finger sandwiches like this are always a popular choice for a funeral reception food menu as they are incredibly easy to batch make and always a crowd favourite.

Lastly, this Parmesan, Garlic and Artichoke Bread (“PGA” Bread if you will!) is the perfect comforting and indulgent snack to include in your funeral reception menu. This stuffed bread can be prepped the day before and stored in the fridge wrapped in tin foil and then popped in the oven when you’re ready to serve.

Funeral Reception Food: Appetizers

Dessert Canapés for the Funeral Reception

It’s always nice to offer something sweet at the funeral reception. This whimsical cupcake cake is the perfect golf-inspired dessert for A Fitting Farewell for A Master of the Game (see image below on the left). Assemble your cupcakes on the serving tray that you will display them on at the reception before in the design that you want to use for your cupcake golf course before you begin decorating!

To decorate, use a grass piping tip to decorate two-thirds of your cupcakes to resemble the fairway. Ice a few others with white icing and sprinkle them with graham cracker crumbs or light coloured cookie crumbs to resemble a sand trap. Then ice the rest with a thin layer of green icing and dust with green sprinkles to resemble the short grass on the green. You can even add a flag and use small, white gum balls to resemble golf balls on the course!

This next golf-inspired dessert idea is Doughnut “Hole In Ones” (see image below; middle-image). These delicious bites are ready to eat in 30 minutes. You can make these the day before the funeral and store them in an airtight container overnight and serve at room temperature.

Another make-ahead dessert to try is these delicious White Chocolate Matcha Golf Ball Truffles. The white chocolate coated truffle resemble the shape and colour of a golf ball (see image below; top-right). Make these truffles ahead of time and store in an airtight container in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. You can sprinkle extra matcha “grass” on a plate under the truffles when you serve them for a beautiful presentation.

Next, these Mini Grasshopper Pie Cheesecake “Par”-faits are creamy, chocolatey and minty individual desserts that make fantastically easy no-bake treats. This dessert can be made and assembled ahead of time and kept in the fridge until ready to serve.

Lastly, we have Golf Ball Truffle Brownies. Make a batch of these delicious brownies (or use your favourite brownie recipe!) and then use a grass tip to pipe grass on top out of green buttercream. The golf ball truffles in this recipe are made from scratch with a golf ball candy mould, and although they look amazing, this can take time. We would suggest using a white chocolate truffle, such as Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles, that you can buy in bulk to save time.

Funeral Reception Food: Desserts

Depending on the number of guests that will be attending your loved one’s funeral reception, there are a few meal styles that you can consider.

If you are hosting the funeral reception at a funeral home, hiring a caterer or having a potluck meal, serving the funeral reception meal buffet-style meal might be the easiest option. If you are having a potluck meal, make sure to include this information in your funeral invitation so guests can plan to bring a dish to contribute. You can also instruct guests to confirm what they’d like to contribute when they RSVP.

If you’re having a more intimate reception with just your closest friends and family, you may decide it makes more sense to take care of the food needs yourself. However, before taking this on, it’s important to think about how you will be feeling on the day of the funeral.

Emotions will be very high and you will have friends and family that you want to be able to engage with at the reception. This is a special event that you want to be able to be a part of. Therefore, when it comes to choosing recipes to cook for the meal, stick to ones that are easy to prepare, require little supervision if you have help, or that you can prepare ahead of time.

It’s also a good idea to ask a friend if they’d be willing to help you out with preparing the meal so the responsibility does not rest solely on your shoulders as it is hard to predict what frame of mind you’ll be in when you are preparing the meal.

We also suggest making a variety of dishes including a main dish, a salad, and some side dishes in the funeral reception meal.

Main Dishes for the Sit-Down Meal

Casseroles are a staple at funeral receptions for good reason. They satisfy the criteria of being easy to prepare, can be made ahead of time, and require little supervision while cooking.

Casseroles often get a bad rep for being boring, but they don’t have to be. This Chicken Enchilada Casserole isn’t your typical casserole recipe! This casserole is bursting with Mexican flavours, requires minimal hands-on time, and not a lot of time in the kitchen (see image below on the left).

This really is a “dump and cook recipe” and it easily feeds many. If you don’t have a slow cooker to cook the chicken for the casserole in, you can bake the chicken ahead of time for 25-30 minutes and then shred it.

This next main dish recipe is a comforting batch of Spaghetti and Meatballs (see image below; top-middle). The best part about this recipe? You can make it entirely in your crockpot — meatballs, sauce and yes, even the pasta! Yes, the pasta gets cooked right in the crockpot! It couldn’t be any easier.

Another favourite, easy and delicious recipe to feed a group is chilli. This Award-Winning Beef Chilli recipe packs a lot of flavour (see image below; top-right). You can set out some bowls filled with Mexican cheeses, sour cream, cilantro, fresh lime, green onions, tortilla strips, and creamy avocado for guests to build their own chilli bowl. If you’re expecting some vegetarian guests, this Vegetarian Chilli can easily be made as well.

Save yourself some time and make the chilli the day before the funeral. Then warm it up in a pot the day of the funeral and let it simmer on low heat until you’re ready to serve. The longer the chilli simmers away, the more flavourful it will be. Just make sure to check on it occasionally to make sure it doesn’t reduce too much (and if it does, just add some more water).

Lastly, this Honey-Mustard Salmon In Foil recipe is an easy recipe to feed a group (see image below; bottom-left). Prep the salmon fillets ahead of time, wrap them in the foil and store them in the fridge. When you’re ready for dinner, pop them in the oven for 20-30 minutes and serve them family-style on a large serving board.

Funeral Reception Food: Main Dishes

Side Dishes for the Sit-Down Meal

It’s always nice to give your guests some options for side dishes and these side dish recipes are sure to be satisfying.

These Creamy Buttermilk Cucumbers are the perfect healthy side dish. Fresh cucumbers are sliced thinly and tossed in a deliciously tangy mixture of buttermilk and sour cream with a little sugar and apple cider vinegar. Ready in 10 minutes, this dish is served cold so it can be prepped ahead of time and stored in the fridge until you’re ready to serve your meal.

Next, especially if you’re planning to serve chilli as your main dish, this Jalapeño Cornbread is the perfect side full of ooey-gooey cheddar cheese and fiery jalapeños. You can make this the night before the funeral service meal and reheat in the oven to melt the cheese again.

Lastly, anyone who has uttered the words “I hate brussels sprouts” will be eating their words when they taste these Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Balsamic and Cranberries. Prep the brussels sprouts ahead of time and then toss them in the oven 30 minutes before you’re ready to serve the funeral reception meal. Sprinkle with dried cranberries and a balsamic reduction and serve. To make this recipe even easier, you can purchase a bottle of balsamic reduction already made from a grocery store to drizzle on top.

Funeral Reception Food: Side Dishes

Salads for the Sit-Down Meal

It’s also a good idea to include a few salad options to round out the funeral reception meal and offer some freshness.

If you don’t have a melon-baller handy, you might not be able to replicate the ball shape in this Watermelon and Mozzarella Ball Salad (see image below on the left). This salad features balls of creamy mozzarella, sweet watermelon and crunchy pine nuts, wrapped in silky extra virgin olive oil with a punch of lemon juice.

The ball shapes of both the watermelon and the mozzarella are subtle nods to the golf theme. This fresh salad makes a delicious addition to the funeral reception food menu. Ball the watermelon the day before the funeral and then whip this salad together in minutes to save time on the day-of.

Next is a classic, crowd-pleasing Southern Potato Salad. This recipe could not be easier, and because it is meant to be served cold, it can be prepped a day ahead of time (see image below; top-middle). Cook the potatoes in boiling water until tender and then drain and chill. Add some hard-boiled eggs, onions and pickles and toss well. Stir in mustard, celery seed and mayonnaise, and season with salt and pepper. Mix and chill the salad until you’re ready to serve. That’s it!

Blueberries and lemon are a match made in heaven, so this Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed Broccoli Salad is sure to be a favourite. The sweetness from the blueberries, tartness from the lemon and crunch of cashews and crisp broccoli are the perfect combination of textures and flavours (see image below; top-left).

This Shaved Brussel Sprouts Caesar Salad with Pecorino and Toasted Walnuts is a unique spin on the classic Caesar salad. The components of this delicious salad can be prepared ahead of time and assembled the day of the funeral. Right before you are ready to serve, toss the ingredients together with the dressing, top with fresh cheese and enjoy (see image below; bottom-middle).

Similar to the Caprese skewers we mentioned in the canapes section, this Golf Ball Caprese Salad removes the skewers from the equation to create a salad featuring fresh mozzarella balls, basil, cherry tomatoes, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette (see image below; bottom-right).

Funeral Reception Food: Salads

Funeral Gifts

It’s becoming more and more common to offer take-home funeral gifts for guests who attend your loved one’s funeral. It’s a way of expressing your heartfelt gratitude for the love, support and contributions to the service that you have received (e.g. food and flowers). Although this is common, it is not an expectation, and you should not feel obligated to offer this if it is not within your means. A heartfelt thank you card would be just as appropriate to give guests that were particularly thoughtful and helpful with the funeral arrangements.

You also have the option to only give gifts to a select number of guests in private.

Following the golf theme, these funeral service gift ideas are a unique take-home item to give to guests attending A Fitting Farwell for a Master of the Game.

This first idea for a funeral gift to give in memory of your loved one will blossom into something that’s a standard fixture on the golf course – beautiful wildflowers. These Wildflower Seed Bombs can be planted by guests to bloom in memory of your loved one (see image below; top-left).

These Laser Engraved Golf Ball Markers are unique and personalized gifts to give out at your loved one’s service. Take an old handwritten note that your loved one wrote and have it engraved on a golf ball marker (see image below; top-middle).

Next, this hand stamped Golf Divot Remover Keychain can be engraved with your loved one’s initials or name and makes a beautiful, and super practical, golf-related funeral gift (see image below; top-right).

Nothing symbolizes the game of golf more than golf balls and golf tees. These Personalized Golf Balls can be customized with your loved one’s name, initials or photo (see image below; bottom-right). Similarly, these Personalized Golf Tees can be customized to display the name of your loved one or “In Loving Memory of [Your Loved One’s Name] (see image below; bottom-right).

Funeral GiftsFuneral Keepsakes

Funeral Tribute Videos

A truly modern funeral idea to include that can add a meaningful touch to your loved one’s funeral service is to create a funeral tribute video. A funeral tribute video is a great way to capture memories that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

If you’re not up to the task of putting this video together yourself, there is an innovative company called SpeechBooth that makes capturing memories at your loved one’s funeral service easy. Order a kit online today, and SpeechBooth will ship a complete package for recording a tribute video to anywhere in the USA and Canada containing everything you need.

The video recording kit is easy to use and set up in minutes.  After your loved one’s funeral service, send SpeechBooth your video footage, and they will edit it into a professional tribute video for you.

Like this idea? Search our Business Directory to find more unique funeral ideas.

Funeral Tribute Video


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