Who Are We?

We are an Online Resource Centre that:

Educates and supports families in end-of-life issues, funeral planning & grieving.

Understands the importance of celebrations of life.

Inspires us to live well, love much, and remember our loved ones forever.

Connects people with the best funeral professionals and counsellors.

Why Do We Care?

We care because we have walked in your shoes.

We too have suffered the unimaginable loss of close family and friends.

Our hearts have been shattered into a million pieces.

We have faced the daunting task of funeral planning too many times.

It was sometimes confusing and overwhelming.

We are grateful for amazing funeral directors who carried us in our hour of need.

A funeral home that cares is a true blessing.

We discovered that celebrations of life are vitally important.

They honour our loved ones; they bring us together; they help us heal.

With the support of family, friends, and counsellors, we accepted our grief.

We now know in our deepest soul that we will always remember our loved ones.

On birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays.

And in those quiet moments.

Love lives on.


Meet the Team

Love Lives On

Sarah Dickinson

Sarah’s passion for creating Love Lives On is fueled by her personal experiences.  Both of her parents, who were amazing people, passed away in their early 60s.  As the eldest, Sarah was primarily responsible for planning both funerals and handling their estates.  She discovered that there was a lack of comprehensive, centralized resources for funeral planning, which inspired the concept for Love Lives On.  Her university degrees include Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts, and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education.  She brings over twenty years of research, writing and teaching experience to LLO.  Sarah also loves anything outdoors, (but scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef is hard to beat).

Love Lives On

Courtney Murdock

Social Media Specialist
Courtney is excited to develop the social media platform for Love Lives On. It gives us the opportunity to share our educational resources and inspirational stories directly with millions of people living all over the world. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing Management from Seneca College, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (from the University of Toronto). Her interests are many and varied, but include playing golf, hiking with her dog (Kobalt), reading, drawing, and playing guitar.

Love Lives On

Susan Muirhead

Healthcare Advisor
Susan is a healthcare professional with over 35 years of management experience including 15 years at a senior management level in the rehabilitation field. She holds a Masters of Science Degree in Health Administration from Central Michigan University (1990) and a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy (1977) from the University of Alberta. She has worked in a broad range of Canadian urban and rural healthcare service delivery systems, academic settings, government programs and private sector organizations as an administrative leader, consultant, project manager, educator and grant writer. From personal experience and throughout her career she has had multiple exposures to death and dying within hospitals and palliative care units and has a strong understanding of the needs of families and caregivers in the areas of grief management and funeral planning. Susan also enjoys ocean kayaking, running, and hosting dinner parties for friends and neighbours.


Darlene Dickinson

Communications Advisor
Successful projects need compelling writing and steady project management to stay on schedule and on message. Darlene brings a wealth of corporate communications experience to Love Lives On. She has an extensive background in communicating in large, complex organizations in both the public and private sectors. Darlene’s proven project management track record, coupled with strong writing and editing expertise, assists in delivering communications with insight, impact and results. She is able to quickly identify key issues and develop messages that resonate with the audience and align with business objectives. Darlene is also an avid golfer and world traveller.


Richard Hazen

Graphic Designer / Videographer / Video Editor
Richard is a student in his final year at the College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He has studied film at the University of New Brunswick, and has completed several projects as an independent filmographer, editor and graphic artist. When Richard is not in front of a computer screen, he can often be found at the gym with the treadmill speed and incline on level eight!

amir waheed

Amir Waheed

Technology Advisor
Amir is the co-founder of Kinex Media Inc., a full-service web development company that was launched in 2008 in Toronto, Canada. This premier company specializes in web design, brand development, search engine optimization, web analytics and digital marketing. When he isn’t busy managing this rapidly growing company, Amir enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.