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Heading: Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches Australia

Why not create a special memorial to a loved one that can be enjoyed by others?  Memorial trees and memorial benches are great ways to remember loved ones for generations to come.

In our Australian Ultimate Guide on Honouring a Legacy, we cover memorial benches, memorial trees, and more!  (As examples: picnic tables and water features.)

No matter where in Australia your loved one lived or died, we’ve got you covered.

Heading: Australia Capital Territory Memorial Trees

Remembrance Trees and Memorial Benches in Australia Capital Territory


  • Honour your loved ones with a commemoration piece in one of Canberra’s beautiful cemeteries.  Commemoration pieces include: planting a memorial tree, dedicating a memorial plaque, placing a memorial plaque in a remembrance rock garden, or dedicating a memorial bench in your loved one’s name.
  • Make a bequest in the name of your loved one and help support the Australian National Botanic Gardens. 
  • Make a donation to the National Arboretum Canberra by purchasing a memorial bench or memorial picnic table.


  • Creating a lasting legacy for your loved one by planting a memorial tree  in your loved one’s name through Trees For Life, a non-profit organization that helps restore Australia’s natural environment and that protects wildlife habitats.

Heading: Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches in New South Wales

Memorial Benches and Memorial Trees in New South Wales


  • Create a lasting tribute to a loved one by donating a memorial tree to help beautify one of Sydney’s beautiful parks.
  • Dedicate a memorial bench in your loved one’s name for visitors to enjoy in Sydney’s stunning Royal Botanic Gardens.
  • Plant a memorial tree through the Plant a Tree For Me organization.  This will not only help preserve your loved one’s legacy, it will help preserve Australia’s gorgeous National Parks which provide a habitat for endangered species.


  • Was your loved one passionate about the environment?  Make a tax deductible donation to Trees in Newcastle and help regenerate Newcastle’s diverse vegetation.
  • Participate in Newcastle’s annual Tree Day.  Volunteer with friends and family and plant a memorial tree in honour of your loved one while helping to rejuvenate Newcastle’s natural landscape.

Heading: Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches in Queensland

Memorial Trees and Remembrance Benches in Queensland


Gold Coast

  • Honour the legacy of a loved one with a beautiful memorial plaque made of bronze or stainless steel.

Sunshine Coast

  • Dedicate a memorial plaque in the beautiful Sunshine Coast community to memorialize a loved one’s life.
  • Was your loved one an animal lover?  What better way to commemorate him or her than by planting a memorial tree in Harrold’s Forest to preserve koala habitat.  You can do this through the Australian Koala Foundation.

Heading: Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches South Australia

Memorial Trees and Remembrance Benches in South Australia


  • Honour your loved one by planting a native memorial tree in the gorgeous Monarto Zoo through the  Trees for Life organization.  You could also ask family and friends to make a donation in your loved one’s name in lieu of sympathy bouquets or funeral flowers.
  • Loved ones can be commemorated in Pasadena’s Centennial Park with a memorial bench, stone boulder, water feature, memorial tree or a rose bush.

Heading: Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches Tasmania

Memorial Trees and Memorial Park Benches in Tasmania


Heading: Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches in Victoria

Memorial Trees and Memorial Benches in Victoria


  • Commemorate a loved one’s legacy by making a donation to the Royal Botanical Gardens Foundation Victoria.
  • Plant memorial trees to commemorate the life of your loved one in one of  Melbourne’s eighteen Living Legacy Forest locations.  This organization has planting partners across Australia’s east coast and worldwide.

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  • Plant a memorial tree in one of Geelong’s beautiful city parks.  Contact the Geelong City Council to request a tree planting at no cost to you.


  • Honour loved ones while reducing your carbon footprint by planting memorial trees through the Fifteen Trees organization.  While this organization is based in Ballarat, they plant remembrance trees all over Victoria.

Heading: Western Australia

Remembrance Trees and Memorial Benches in Western Australia


  • Plant memorial trees in Men of the Trees’ Bowra & O’Dea Memorial Groves in memory of people that were special in your life.  After your memorial tree is planted, you will receive a certificate in recognition of the planting on behalf of your loved one.
  • Donate a memorial tree to the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund in memory of your loved one.  Gifted trees receive a tree planting certificate in your loved one’s name.
  • Purchase and plant your own memorial tree at your home or another special place that allows plantings through Arborwest Tree Farm.  They have a wide selection of trees to choose from, along with knowledgeable staff that can answer all of your questions concerning proper planting.  Purchased trees are delivered to your home.

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