Cremation Jewelry: A Fashionable Memorial To Your Loved One

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Have you ever lost someone important to you? Whether that someone was a grandmother or a pet, the pain of losing a loved one is the same. Many try different ways of dealing with a loss from exercise or creating memorials.

Cremation jewelry is a unique and elegant alternative to honor the memories of a loved one. Cremation jewelry has in fact been steadily gaining popularity over the years.

In short, cremation jewelry allows you to keep a portion of your loved ones ashes close to your heart. These cremation ashes are kept in beautiful jewelry pieces that can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.

Cremation jewelry not only lets you keep your loved one close to your heart but also works as an elegant and stunning fashion accessory that celebrates your loved one’s life.

Most pendants are customizable to better commemorate your loved one passion or hobbies thus making them unique to you.

Tips When Buying Cremation Jewelry

When buying cremation jewelry, opt to have the ashes laser soldered into the pendant. By laser soldering them, the ashes are sealed inside the pendant and don’t run the risk of wet moisture getting inside.

Another tip for buying cremation jewelry is to buy the fine jewelry options. While fashion jewelry can closely resemble fine jewelry, the coatings of precious metals can easily be worn off to reveal the cheaper metals underneath. Fine jewelry tends to be more expensive. However, they are made with longer lasting precious metals such as sterling silver or gold. And if that doesn’t convince you, fine jewelry lasts for generations while fashion jewelry will barely last one.

Cleaning Your Fine Cremation Jewelry

You’ve finally bought a beautiful cremation pendant and overtime the pendant collected some dirt. To properly clean your cremation jewelry, simply use a polishing cloth that you can purchase at any jewelry store. For a better polish and deeper clean, bring your jewelry to your trusted jewelry and have them clean it for you.

A great deal of the cremation jewelry sold online is just available as is. You have to buy the cremation piece, place the cremation ashes inside by yourself and there is usually no customization is offered. Look for companies that offer a variety of customizable options from engravings to choice of gemstones. Some companies even allow customers to design their own jewelry from scratch allowing the customer’s vision into reality.

Along with cremation jewelry, there are other ways to celebrate the life of your past loved one. In the following infographic, we put together some ideas on how to keep your loved ones memory alive. Read about them below.

10 Tips To Remember Your Loved Ones HD

Kindly provided by Mira Alicki, owner of Forever In My Heart, an online jewelry store that focuses on fine cremation jewelry.  All jewelry is handmade, customizable and sterling silver, with 40% of each purchase donated to nonprofit no-kill animal charities and shelters.