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Missing You

Looking for songs about missing someone who’s special to you because they’ve passed away?

No need to look any further…

Here’s our countdown of the top 100 songs about missing you today, tomorrow and forever.  We hope these songs help express how hard is it to not be with someone you love and bring you some comfort…

Missing You Song No. 100: “Supermarket Flowers” By Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s song “Supermarket Flowers” is one of our favourite songs about missing someone — in this case, a mom.

Sheeran writes about how hard it is to loose a mom, even when we’re already fully-grown.  After her passing, it’s painful to dispose of all the get-well cards and supermarket flowers she received.

This emotional song says “I miss you Mom” like no other…

Missing You Song No. 99: “Rise Up” By Andra Day

This uplifting song is the perfect missing you song to listen to when you’re having an especially difficult day.

This song has become a beacon of hope due to its powerful message of perseverance when life is tough and our emotions are raw with grief.

Missing You Song No. 98: “Goodbye’s the Saddest Word” By Celine Dion

This emotional ballad speaks about the unconditional love between a child and her mother.

The lines, “There is no other love like a mother’s love for her child,” and “I will love you until forever comes,” perfectly capture this sentiment.

It is a beautiful song to listen to when you’re missing that loving bond that you and your beloved mom shared.

Missing You Song No. 97: “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s chart topping song from his record breaking album “In The Lonely Hour” features some of the most stunning vocals and heartbreaking lyrics.

In this beautiful ballad, the lyrics speaking of the pain of losing someone and expressing how much you miss them.  It’s the perfect “missing you” song to listen to when you’re feeling blue.

Missing You Song No. 96: “Homesick” by MercyMe

“Homesick” was written during a time of tremendous hardship for this Christian band.  The song was inspired by the loss of 9 people close to the band members within in a short span of time.

The song speaks about the comfort we may find in knowing that we’ll be reunited with our departed loved ones one day in heaven, while acknowledging the pain comes in having to wait.

These lyrics are particularly moving:

“You’re in a better place, I’ve heard it a thousand times. And at least a thousand times I’ve rejoiced for you. But the reason why I’m broken, the reason why I cry, is how long I must wait to be with you.”

Missing You Song No. 95: “When I Get to Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley

This song by country singer Brad Paisley imagines the afterlife “on the far side of the sky,” where you’ll meet your lost loved ones and “shed the sins and struggles I have carried all these years.”

It’s one of our favourite songs about missing someone special because it leaves you with the comforting thought that even though you’re heartbroken, you’ll see your loved one again one day.

Missing You Song No. 94: “This is Your Song” by Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating wrote “This is Your Song” a month after losing his mother to breast cancer.  This missing you song is his tribute to his mother, as well as his father.

We particularly love that he pays homage to his mother’s bravery while fighting her illness:  “So I’ll try and go on loving all that we know, through the hardest of times you put on a show.”

We recommend listening to this meaningful song when you’re missing a parent.

Missing You Song No. 93: “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Written in 1968 during the Vietnam War, this iconic ballad has stood the test of time.

This song’s uplifting message emphasizes the fact that although there is pain in the world, there is still so much beauty to behold.  It’s the perfect song to lift your spiritings when you’re missing someone special.

Missing You Song No. 92: “Joanne” by Lady Gaga

From her album by the same name, “Joanne” was written for Lady Gaga’s aunt Joanne, who passed away from Lupus when she was 19 years of age.

Her piano version of this song is one of the most beautiful songs about missing someone:

“Take my hand, stay Joanne.  Heaven’s not ready for you.  Every part of my aching heart, needs you more than the angels do.”

These emotional lyrics say “I love you and I miss you”.

Missing You Song No. 91: “Jealous of Angels” by Donna Taggart

Donna Taggart wrote this absolutely gorgeous song when she was grieving the loss of her baby, Michael. The strong became incredibly popular and struck a chord with those who are grieving.

In a world where heroes come and go, well God just took the only one I know. So I’ll hold you as close as I can, longing for the day, when I see your face again.

Missing You Song No. 90: “I’m Already There” by Lonestar

Lonestar’s “I’m Already There” is one of the most touching songs about missing someone special.

It’s about a father’s love for his son and missing him when he is far away.

It’s the perfect song to put on when you’re missing someone, either because they are living far away or have passed away.  It reminds us that are always with them, and they are always with us:

I’m already there, take a look around. I’m the sunshine in your hair. I’m the shadow on the ground. I’m the whisper in the wind.

Missing You Song No. 89: “Time to Say Goodbye” by Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli

Although originally performed to say farewell to boxer Henry Maske at his final fight in 1996, this song takes on a new meaning when you listen to it after a loved one has died. 

When I am alone I sit and dream.  And when I dream the words are missing.  Yes I know that in a room so full of light.  That all the light is missing.  But I don’t see you with me, with me.

Missing You Song No. 88: “She Goes On” by Crowded House

When it comes to songs about missing someone, Crowded House’ song “She Goes On” inspires us to continue living life to the fullest while carrying our loved ones close to our hearts until we meet again.

This song moves us with the lyrics:

In her soft wind I will whisper.  In her warm sun I will glisten.  Till we see her once again.  In a world without end.

This is the perfect missing you song when you’re missing an important woman in your life — a mom, sister, grandma, wife or friend.

Missing You Song No. 87: “When You’re Gone” by Avril Lavigne

This missing you song is about loving somebody very much, but not being able to be with them for some reason.  The lyrics remind us that even through all the pain, you can find the strength to go on because the love that you share never dies.

Missing You Song No. 86: “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

One of the best songs about missing someone special, Bill Wather’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” expresses the feelings of deep sorrow that comes someone we love deeply has gone away.

Our favourite passage from this iconic song is:

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.  It’s not warm when she’s away.  Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.  And she’s always gone too long.  Anytime she goes away.

Missing You Song No. 85: “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

Although this famous song was written about the breakdown of band member, Syd Barret, this song is also appropriate when you’ve lost a loved one.

The lyrics speak about the pain we experience when we loose a loved one and about grappling with a loss of faith. The song’s opening lines are powerful:  “So, so you think you can tell.  Heaven from Hell.  Blue skies from pain.”

Missing You Song No. 84: “I’m Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone” by Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin wrote this song after her father passed away in 2009.  It’s one of our favourite “I miss you Dad” songs.

In this beautiful song, she speaks directly to her dad, addressing the deep impact that his passing had on her life:

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  But I know you’re headed somewhere else.  And all the secrets that you keep will be, the things I’ll never know.  Doesn’t matter either way, I’ll still miss you when you go.

Missing You Song No. 83: “Hey Mama” by Kanye West

This missing you song was written by Kanye West in honour of his mother, Donda West.

This rap song strings together stories from his childhood.  It describes his love for her, as well as his gratitude for having raised him amidst great personal hardships.  He also thanks her for the values she instilled in him.

This song was released following the sudden passing of West’s mother on November 10, 2007.   It’s the perfect song to play when you just want to say “I love you and I miss you Mom.”

Missing You Song No. 82: “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wrote this sweet song for her mom, reminiscing about her childhood and how her “best days” were spent with her.

Our moms taught us well and lifted our spirits when times were hard.  It’s the perfect song to play when you’re missing your special mom.

Missing You Song No. 81: “The Baby” by Blake Shelton

This is one of those songs about missing someone special that makes you want to pick up the phone right now and call someone you love and let them know how important he or she is to you.

This song by country star Blake Shelton is about a mother who considers her son to be her “baby” no matter his age. When he’s 21 years old, he gets a phone call to come home because his mother is dying.  Unfortunately, when he gets there, she has already passed away.

Since he never had the chance to say goodbye, he kisses her and cries like a baby:

She looked like she’d been sleepin’.  And my family had been weeping by the time that I got to her side.  And I knew that she’d been take and my heart it was breakin’.  I never got to say goodbye.  I softly kissed that lady and cried just like a baby.

Missing You Song No. 80: “Heaven Got Another Angel” by Gordon True

This missing you song is all about missing a loved one who has passed away. These lyrics are particularly powerful:

Heaven got another angel the night you left this world behind. Heaven got a little better the day that it took you away from me. I’m missing you tonight. I’ll see you again sometime. For now, I’ll close my eyes. And dream of heaven tonight.

Missing You Song No. 79: “Promise to Try” by Madonna

Having lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just 5 years old, Madonna has always been open about the enormous impact that her mother’s passing has had on her life and her music.

Her album “Like a Prayer” was dedicated to her late mother and featured the beautiful song “Promise to Try.”

This missing you song expresses the deep pain of losing a mom at such a young age and struggling to keep her what memories she has of her alive:

Little girl.  Don’t you forget her face.  Laughing away your tears.  When she was the one who felt all the pain.

Missing You Song No. 78: “If I Could Be Where You Are” by Enya

This is one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs about missing someone. The lyrics tell the story of wondering where a loved one goes after they pass away and the longing to be wherever that are.

The lyrics,”Where are you this moment? Only in my dreams. You’re missing, but you’re always a heartbeat from me,” are particularly powerful.

Missing You Song No. 77: “Coldest Winter” by Kanye West

Another emotional song in tribute of his mother, Donda West,  Kanye’s “Coldest Winter” illustrates the pain and loneliness you feel as you say a final “farewell” to such an important person in your life.

He sings, “On lonely nights I start to fade. Her love is a thousand miles away.

Missing You Song No. 76: “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

This iconic song was originally written and performed by Dolly Parton in 1984, but it gained widespread popularity when vocal legend, Whitney Houston, performed the ballad in the movie, “The Bodyguard.”

This missing you song is about having to let someone you love go, while knowing that you will love them forever.

Missing You Song No. 75: “Broken” by Lifehouse

This is one of those songs about missing someone special that everyone can relate to:

I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing.  With a broken heart that’s still beating.  In the pain, there is healing.  In your name I find meaning.

We hope you find comfort in the hopeful lyrics that you’ll heal from the hurt you’re now feeling.

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Missing You Song No. 74: “If Heaven Was Needing a Hero” by Jo Dee Messina

This is one of the most beautiful songs about missing someone who was a hero to you.

It is especially meaningful if you’re missing someone who served in the police or fire department, or in the military:

I guess Heaven was needing a hero.  Somebody just like you.  Brave enough to stand up for what you believe and follow it through.  When I try to make it make sense in my mind.  The only conclusion I come to, is that Heaven was needing a hero like you.

Missing You Song No. 73: “One More Day” by Diamond Rio

This missing you song is about what we would do if the person we loved, who died, came back to us for just one day — how we would cherish him and never want to let him go.

It reminds us to appreciate the moments, days, and years with our loved ones because when they’re gone, we’ll always wish for “just one more day” with them.

Missing You Song No. 72: “Even In Death” by Evanescence

This heart-wrenching song is about a love so strong, that even when we’re separated by death, love lives on:

I will stay forever here with you.  My love.  The softly spoken words you gave me.  Even in death our love goes on.

Missing You Song No. 71: “Into the Light” by In This Moment

In an interview with Bandsintown band leader, Chris Howorth explained the meaning behing this moving song about missing someone.  He said:

One particular instance was at the very beginning of our career when we met a kid named Zach, he was in a wheelchair and we ended up giving him a bunch of attention.  We didn’t think much if it and a year later his mother reached out to us and informed us he had passed away — we were his favorite band and he passed listening to our music.  The time we spent with him was so important to him and we didn’t realize how much our music had affected him.  We ended up dedicating our second album to him, and he inspired the song “Into The Light,” we learned a lot from him about what our music means to our fans.

Missing You Song No. 70: “Thank You For Being My Dad” by Jon Barker

For anyone who’s missing a special dad, this is beautiful song to remember him by.

The songwriter uses this song to tell his father how lucky he feels to have had him as a dad, and to thank him for all he did for him growing up.

Missing You Song No. 69: “A Song for Dad” by Keith Urban

Keith Urban wrote this beautiful country song for his father back in 2000. After losing his father in 2015, the song took on an even greater meaning to Keith.

In this song, Keith reflects on the fact that as he gets older, he notices more and more things about himself that remind him of his father:

And I only hope when I have my own family, that everyday I see, a little more of my father in me.

Missing You Song No. 68: “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross

When it comes to songs about missing a dad, this has to be one of the most emotional and beautiful songs there is.

After suffering a stroke, Luther Vandross wrote this incredible song in tribute of his father who passed away when Luther was young.

This song was inspired by Luther’s most poignant memory of his dad, which was of him dancing at home with his kids.

Sadly, this emotional ballad was one of Luther’s final songs, passing away himself just two years after it was released.

Missing You Song No. 67: “Where’d You Go” by Fort Minor

Although written about the consequences of putting your career above family, this song’s chorus perfectly captures the feelings of missing someone special:

Where’d you go?  I miss you so.  Seems like it’s been forever that you’ve been gone.  Where’d you go?  I miss you so. Seems like it’s been forever that you’ve been gone.  Please come back home.

Missing You Song No. 66: “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by The Temptations

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a close relationship with their father, but his absence from your life may still has a profound impact.

The song “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” speaks about a boy who lost his father at a young age and didn’t get a chance to learn much about him.  He prods his mother with questions about his father, only to find out that his father was not the man he had wanted him to be.

Papa was a rolling stone (my son). Wherever he laid his hat was his home. And when he died, all he left us was alone. Hey Papa was a rolling stone.

Missing You Song No. 65: “Goodnight” by Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd wrote this song dedicated to her father, with whom she has a very close relationship with.

The lyrics express that whenever she is scared, she knows her father will be there to comfort her.  How, every time she goes to bed, he’ll be there to say goodnight.  And when the day comes that he passes away and becomes an angel, she will save his seat at the table.

The is one of the most beautiful songs to listen to when you’re missing your dad.

Missing You Song No. 64: “Endless Night” by the Lion King Broadway Soundtrack

In The Lion King, Simba sings this beautiful missing you ballad to his deceased father, Mufasa.  It includes these beautiful lines, full of promise and hope:

I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise.  I know that the clouds must clear and that the sun will shine.

This is the perfect song to play when you’re missing someone as special as a parent.

Missing You Song No. 63: “You Can Let Go” by Crystal Shawanda

This missing you song by Canadian artist Crystal Shawanda is another song for a daddy’s girl who’s missing her father.

This touching song tells the tale of a little girl and her dad as she grows up and learns to become independent, taking with her all the lessons her father taught her.

This song reminds us to savor each and every moment with our loved ones while we still have them.

Missing You Song No. 62: “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera

This song by Christina Aguilera was written about the immense grief and guilt she felt after her father, from whom she was estranged, passed away.  Her last words to him had been harsh.

After his death, she realized she would never get a chance to say “I’m sorry, I still love you and I miss you.”  She would never get the chance to heal their broken relationship.

Missing You Song No. 61: “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” by Reba McEntire

This song about missing somebody special revolves around the relationship between a hard-working father and his daughter.  Since he’s busy, with many responsibilities, he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with her.

After he passes away, she hears stories about what a great person he was and wishes that she had had a chance to know him herself.

This song reminds us to not let work and responsibilities come before relationships with our families.  We must always treasure the time that we have with the people that we care about and express how much they mean to us.

Missing You Song No. 60: “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan

Country star Luke Bryan was hit with sudden and multiple family tragedies when he was just starting his career in the music industry.

His brother passed away in a car accident when Luke was only 26 years old, and his sister died unexpectedly one night while at home with her child for an unknown reason.

This missing you song is dedicated to his late brother and sister and, reflects on the memories he has with the both of them.  “Funny how the good ones go too soon…”

Missing You Song No. 59: “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

This is one of our favourite songs about missing someone special.  This song speaks about loss and finding comfort and hope.

In the arms of the angel, fly away from here.  From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear.  You are pulled from the wreckage, of your silent reverie.  You’re in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here.

Missing You Song No. 58: “In Loving Memory” by Alter Bridge

This touching song speaks about the profound impact someone can have on our life, even after he or she is gone.

We love the lyrics:  “I carry the things that remind me of you.  In loving memory of the one that was so true.  You were as kind as you could be.  And even though you’re gone.  You still mean the world to me.”

Our loved ones never truly leave us, they’re always with us in our heart.

Missing You Song No. 57: “Save a Place for Me” by Matthew West

West wrote this emotional song after his grandmother suffered a stroke.  He asks her to “save a place for me” in heaven until we’re reunited again.

This is a comforting song to listen to when you’re missing someone extra special.

Missing You Song No. 56: “Sissy’s Song” by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson wrote this song for a girl who worked for him who died.  Her name was Leslie Fitzgerald, but they called her Sissy.

He originally recorded it for the funeral, but then decided to release it on a on-mass.  We’re so glad he did because it’s one of the most beautiful missing you songs of all time.

Missing You Song No. 55: “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood

In this song, Carrie Underwood sings about her Christian belief that “life on this Earth is just passing through” and heaven is the final destination.

This is the perfect comforting song to play when you’re missing someone and need to be reminded of your faith and belief in the afterlife.

Missing You Song No. 54: “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” by Willie Nelson

Are you missing someone who was caring, kind, loving and always helping others?

This song expresses how lucky we are to know someone like that, and how much we’ll miss them once they’re gone:

I knew someday that you would fly away.  For love’s the greatest healer to be found. So leave me if you need to, I will still remember.  Angel flying too close to the ground.

Missing You Song No. 53: “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

Green Day’s lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, wrote this heartbreaking missing you song about his father, who died of cancer on September 1, 1982.

He shares that after his father’s funeral, he ran home and locked himself in his room.   When his mom got home and knocked on the door to check on him, Billie simply answered, “Wake me up when September ends.”

The memory of that event was the inspiration behind this touching song.

Missing You Song No. 52: “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell wrote the emotional song “You Should Be Here” after the sudden loss of her father.

The song went on to become number one on the billboard charts, and a platinum selling album.  It also inspired country music fans all around the world to share their stories about loss.

In an interview, Swindell said:  “I’m not the only one who has ever lost somebody; I’m not the only one who was missing somebody.  That’s what I love about country music, that’s what I love about songwriters, is being able to put out those words, those feelings.  From the first lyric and note of the song, it’s got that feeling about it, and that’s what we tried to do.”

Missing You Song No. 51: “My Angel” by Kellie Pickler

This gorgeous missing you song by former American Idol contestant, Kellie Pickler, was written about her special relationship with her grandmother.

Her grandma was her rock, her biggest supporter, and a constant throughout her childhood, which was often very unstable as the result of coming from a broken home.  By the time Pickler started school, she was living with her grandparents full time.

Sadly, when Pickler was 15 years of age, her grandmother passed away from lung cancer.  She writes in this touching tribute:

You were like my mother.  You were my best friend.  You were everything I want to be.  And all the good inside of me.  There’s never been.  Never been another.  That loved me like you did.  My grandmother, my angel.

Missing You Song No. 50: “I Miss You” by Miley Cyrus

This song about missing someone special is a song that we instantly relate to.

Cyrus wrote this song about her beloved grandfather.  It expresses how much she wishes that he could still be here to see her living her dreams, but that she knows that he will always be watching over her.

Missing You Song No. 49: “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe

This song by MercyMe, a contemporary Christian group, was written by their lead singer Bart Millard.

In this song, Millard imagines what it will be like meeting Jesus for the first time.

For several years following his father’s death, Millard found himself continually writing the phrase “I can only imagine.”  This simple phrase would give him peace and comfort in knowing the wonder and awe his father had experienced in meeting Jesus for the first time.

Missing You Song No. 48: “Now You Belong to Heaven” by Mari Olsen

“Now You Belong to Heaven” by Mari Olsen is another universal song about missing someone you love.

The lyrics express the pain of unanswered questions we may have when a loved one dies.  We can no hold them in our arms, but we hope that they’re somehow close to us and watching over us.

Miss your voice, miss your smile.  Everything about you, worth a while.  Always wondering where you are.  I hope you’re with us, near or far.  Many questions aren’t answered.  I guess, we’ll never know.

Missing You Song No. 47: “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” by Steve Wariner

This is one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful songs about missing someone that you love.

This song was inspired by the loss of the singer’s grandmother and his wife. He sings that whenever it rains, it means there are “holes in the floor of heaven and her tears are pouring down. That’s how you know she’s watching, wishing she could be here now.”

Missing You Song No. 46: “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” by Justin Moore

This missing you song by Justin Moore imagines what it would be like to be able to spend one day in Heaven, visiting friends and family members who have died.

Is there anything we wouldn’t do to have that opportunity?

Missing You Song No. 45: “Mama” by Ill Divo

This song reflects on everything mom gave us, for always believing in us and for always loving us no matter what, and for helping us grow into the people that we’ve become.

Missing You Song No. 44: “Gone Too Soon” by Daughtry

If you or someone you love has suffered a miscarriage, you must listen to this beautiful song as it speaks directly about the pain and the grief over “what could have been”.

Today could’ve been the day.  That you blow out your candles.  Make a wish as you close your eyes.  Today could’ve been the day.  Everybody was laughin’.  Instead I just sit here and cry.  Who would you be?  What would you look like.  When you looked at me for the very first time?  Today could’ve been the next day of the rest of your life.

Missing You Song No. 43: “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry

This is another song about the passing of a young life.

The lyrics are written from the perspective of a child who has passed away.  She asks those who have been left behind to not mourn her short life, but to celebrate the time that she did have.  She also asks God to look after the ones she’s left behind.

This song, although sad, has a positive message, which is that we should make the most of our lives, no matter how short.

Missing You Song No. 42: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel

Inspired by a single line from an old gospel song, Paul Simon’s classic ballad “Bridge Over Troubled Water” has been covered by many acclaimed artists, including Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin.

The song offers great comfort to all those who have suffered a great loss.  Our favourite line is:

When you’re weary. Feeling small.  When tears are in your eyes. I will dry them all.

Missing You Song No. 41: “Gone Too Soon” by Michael Jackson

This song was recorded by Jackson to mourn a friend that had passed away.  It was later re-recorded to mourn the death of Jackson.

This is a beautiful song about missing someone who passed away far too soon.

Missing You Song No. 40: “Blackbird” by The Beatles

This famous Beatle’s ballad was written by Paul McCartney about the civil rights struggle for American Americans after reading about race riots in the US.

Although it wasn’t written about the death of a loved one, it is one of our all time personal favourite songs to play when we’re missing someone special.  The gorgeous melody, mixed with its poetic lyrics, bring comfort and hope when you’re feeling down.

Missing You Song No. 39: “Ronan” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wrote this song after reading a blog about a four-year-old boy named Ronan Thompson who died from neuroblastoma in 2011.

The blog was written by Ronan’s mother, Maya Thompson, to help her express her grief and raise awareness about childhood cancer.  The posts were in the form of heartbreaking letters to her late son.

Swift wrote the song “Ronan” by combining quotes from Thompson’s blog posts, and credits Thompson as a song co-writer.

Apart from performing it live at a Stand Up to Cancer event, Swift has performed it only one other time publicly, which was at her concert in Glendale, Arizona on her 1989 World Tour.  Maya Thompson was in attendance.

For anyone missing someone as special as a child, this song is sure to resonate with you.

I remember your bare feet down the hallway.  I love you to the moon and back.

Missing You Song No. 38: “Fly” by Celine Dion

Celine dedicated this heartbreaking song to her niece Karina who was born with Cystic Fibrosis and passed away in her arms at just 16 years of age.

She sings:

Fly, fly little wings.  Fly beyond imagining.  The softest cloud, the whitest dove.  Upon the wind of heaven’s love.  Past the planets and the stars.  Leave this lonely world of ours.  Escape the sorrow and the pain.  And fly again.

Missing You Song No. 37: “Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)” by Billy Joel

Music legend Billy Joel wrote this song as a beautiful lullaby for his 7-year-old daughter in response to her question, “Where do we go when we die?”

Goodnight my angel, now it’s time to dream.  And dream how wonderful your life will be.  Someday your child may cry, and if you sing this lullaby. Then in your heart there will always be a part of me.  Someday we’ll all be gone.  But lullabies go on and on.  They never die.  That’s how you and I will be.

Missing You Song No. 36: “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton

This is one of the most famous and heartbreaking songs about missing someone we love dearly.

Clapton wrote this mournful guitar ballad about his four-year-old son Conor, who died on March 20, 1991 when he fell out of a window of an apartment on the 53rd floor in New York City.

The lyrics of this song tackle the difficult question many are faced with when you miss someone.  Will we really meet again?

Would you know my name.  If I saw you in heaven?  Would it be the same.  If I saw you in heaven?  I must be strong and carry on.  ‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven.

Missing You Song No. 35: “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran

This haunting song was written by Sheeran for a close friend who suffered a miscarriage loss at 5 months.

For anyone who has suffered a miscarriage, the lyrics of this emotional song may bring some comfort:

You’re just a small bump unborn just for four months then torn from life.  Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware of why.

Missing You Song No. 34: “Heaven” by Beyonce

In this piano ballad, Beyoncé sings about missing someone in heaven who was taken from her too soon:  “But heaven couldn’t wait for you. No heaven couldn’t wait for you. Heaven couldn’t wait for you. No heaven couldn’t wait for you. So go on, go home.”

Many fans believe the song is about the miscarriage the singer suffered several years before the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy.

Missing You Song No. 33: “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins

This touching song was featured in Disney’s “Tarzan,” and is one of our favourite songs about missing someone special.

The message of the song is that no matter what happens in life, we’ll always carry the people that we love in our heart always.  Distance and death can never truly separate us.

This bond between us can’t be broken.  I will be here, don’t you cry.  ‘Cause you’ll be in my heart. Y es, you’ll be in my heart.  From this day on.  Now and forever more.

Missing You Song No. 32: “Who You’d Be Today” by Kenny Chesney

This is one of the best songs about missing someone who was taken far too young.  “Who would you be today?” we often ask ourselves when someone young has died.

It ain’t fair you died too young.  Like a story that had just begun.  But death tore the pages all away.  God knows how I miss you.  All the hell that I’ve been through.  Just knowing no one could take your place.  Sometimes I wonder who you’d be today.

Missing You Song No. 31: “Streets of Heaven” by Sherrie Austin

This heartbreaking  song is about a mother who’s watching her dying child and struggling to keep her faith.  She doesn’t understand why God would want to take her precious baby so soon.

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a child will be able to relate to these heart-wrenching lyrics:

Well, it must be kind of crowded, on the streets of heaven.  So tell me: what do you need her for?  Don’t you know one day she’ll be your little girl forever.  But right now I need her so much more.  She’s much too young to be on her own: barely just turned seven.  So who will hold her hand when she crosses the streets of heaven?

Missing You Song No. 30: “Beam Me Up” by Pink

Pink penned this heartfelt acoustic ballad about a very close friend of hers who lost a young child.

She explained on a track-by-track on Spotify that this missing you song “deals with the loss of a loved one, a loss of a child.”  She added that the song is “very, very, very, very personal.”

The lyrics express a deep yearning to be able to see a loved one again:

Could you beam me up.  Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it.  Probably just stare, happy just to be there holding your face.  Beam me up, let me be lighter, I’m tired of being a fighter.  I think a minute’s enough.  Just beam me up.

Missing You Song No. 29: “Glory Baby” by Watermark

Glory Baby was written by Christy and Nathan Nockels, the duo that make up the Christian band Watermark, after they suffered multiple miscarriages.

They started writing this incredible ballad after the first miscarriage, but were only able to pen the first line:  “Glory Baby, you slipped away as fast as we could say baby.”

The Nockels credit God with helping them continue with writing the song after suffering a second miscarriage.  After a time of healing, they were able to finish the song.

It’s a powerful song that says “I miss you” and can’t wait to be with you again.

Heaven will hold you before we do.  Heaven will keep you safe.  Until we’re home with you.  Until we’re home with you.

Missing You Song No. 28: “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars

Taylor Swift joined with The Civil Wars to pen this missing you acoustic ballad for the soundtrack to the movie “The Hunger Games.”

Although this song was not necessarily written about missing someone, it still sends a powerful message about keeping your faith when the world seems to be falling apart — a sentiment that the bereaved can relate to.

Just close your eyes.  The sun is going down.  You’ll be alright.  No one can hurt you now.  Come morning light.  You and I’ll be safe and sound.

Missing You Song No. 27: “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down

This is one of those songs that has lyrics that are open to the listener’s interpretation, making it relevant to anyone who is missing someone, whether it’s due to distance, the end of a relationship, or death.

This song is about the loneliness you feel when you’re missing someone, whether they’re gone for a day, a month, or forever.

I’m here without you baby.  But you’re still on my lonely mind.  I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.  I’m here without you baby. But you’re still with me in my dreams.  And tonight girl, it’s only you and me.

Missing You Song No. 26: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

You are probably already familiar with this famous song that was sung by Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.   This version by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is our favourite, with its soothing ukulele.

This iconic, gorgeous song is about hope and knowing that no matter what, the bad times will one day be over and brighter days will come.

Missing You Song No. 25: “My First Night Alone Without You” by Bonnie Raitt

The lyrics to this emotional missing you song capture the pain that comes with facing the sudden loss of someone you love.

It speaks of the struggle of moving forward when you’re missing someone who brought so much light into your life.  How can you can get through the rest of your life without him or her?

Honey, half of me has gone away.  With all the love I learned to cling to.  Tomorrow I’ll have to find another way.  To live the rest of my life alone without you.

Missing You Song No. 24: “Forever Love” by Reba McEntire

This song by country music queen Reba McEntire was written for a TV movie by the same name and is a beautiful ballad about how our loved ones are with us forever.  We’ll see them in our dreams until the day we meet again.

Minutes and hours and years may go by.  But my heart knows nothing of time.  So don’t cry just keep me right here in your dreams.  And hold on to these words of mine.

Missing You Song No. 23: “How Do I Live Without You” by Tricia Yearwood

A beautiful version of this icon song was sung by Tricia Yearwood.  The lyrics speak about how difficult it is to continue with life after losing the love of your life.

Sadly, many people have had to face this reality, making this song very meaningful to them.

If you ever leave.  Baby you would take away everything real in my life.  And tell me now.  How do I live without you?

Missing You Song No. 22: “Not a Day Goes By” by Lonestar

Lonestar’s “Not a Day Goes By” is a heartbreaking song.   The lyrics speak of missing someone so much that “not a day goes by” where you don’t think about him or her.

This song is relevant to different types of loss, whether it’s losing someone through death, or because the end of a relationship.

Got a picture of you I carry in my heart.  Close my eyes to see it when the world gets dark.  Got a memory of you I carry in my soul.  I wrap it close around me when the nights get cold.

Missing You Song No. 21: “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood

This song by Carrie Underwood paints a beautiful picture of being reunited with our loved ones in heaven.  Life here on Earth is not the end of the road.

I can hear those echoes in the wind at night.  Calling me back in time.  Back to you.  In a place far away.  Where the. water meets the sky.  The thought of it makes me smile.  You are my tomorrow.

Missing You Song No. 20: “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

We may be a little biased seeing as “Titanic” is one of our favourite movies of all time, but Dion’s vocals paired with the gorgeous lyrics by Will Jennings and James Horner make the theme song a masterpiece.

Even though our loved one may be gone, our love lives on forever.

Every night in my dreams. I see you, I feel you.  That is how I know you, go on.  Far across the distance.  And spaces between us.  You have come to show you, go on.  Near, far, wherever you are.  I believe that the heart does go on.

Missing You Song No. 19: “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill

This song from the “Pearl Harbour” soundtrack is one of the most beautiful songs about missing someone special.

Some of our favourite lyrics are:

In my dreams I’ll always see you soaring by the sky.  In my heart there’ll always be a place for you.  For all my life I’ll keep a part of you with me.  And everywhere I am there you’ll be.  And everywhere I am there you’ll be.

Missing You Song No. 18: “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s

This song by punk rock band “Plain White T’s” takes on a totally different sound than what is characteristic of the band.

The song is about a girl and a boy in a long-distance relationship who talk about their future plans of her finishing school and him becoming a famous guitar player.

It’s a song about missing someone important to you because you are far away.  No matter what, you’ll always be together.

Hey there, Delilah.  Don’t you worry about the distance.  I’m right there if you get lonely.  Give this song another listen.  Close your eyes.  Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise.  I’m by your side.

You can find comfort in this song if you’re missing someone because of distance, or because of death.

Missing You Song No. 17: “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars

Everything Bruno Mars writes turns into magic, and this beautiful ballad is no exception.

This is the perfect song to play when you’re missing someone who has passed away, “talking to the moon” in the hopes your loved one in heaven can hear you.

At night when the stars.  Light up my room.  I sit by myself.  Talking to the moon.  Tryin’ to get to you.  In hopes you’re on.  The other side.  Talking to me too.  Or am I a fool.  Who sits alone.  Talking to the moon.

Missing You Song No. 16: “Missing You” by Steve Perry

This song is about feeling guilt and regret after losing someone you love.

It’s a song with a powerful message to never take the ones you love for granted, to admit when you’re wrong, and to make amends before you no longer have the chance.

If I could, you know I would.  I’d make it up to you.  Instead I’m (missin’ you).  In the place you used to be.  You were lying next to me.  Oh I’m, missin’ you.  Oh I’m missin’ you.

Missing You Song No. 15: “Stardust” by Nat King Cole

We get goosebumps every time we listen to this iconic song by legend Nat King Cole.

The lyrics are full of gorgeous imagery that paints a beautiful picture of your loved one living in the sky among the stars.

And now the purple dusk of twilight time.  Steals across the meadows of my heart.  High up in the sky the little stars climb.  Always reminding me that we’re apart.  You wander down the lane and far away.  Leaving me a song that will not die.  Love is now the stardust of yesterday.  The music of the years gone by.

We hope this touching song brings you a sense of peace and comfort when you’re missing someone in heaven.

Missing You Song No. 14: “Reminds Me of You” by Van Morrison

This is one of the most emotional songs about missing someone special on our top 100 list.

When we’re missing someone, you see reminders of him or her everywhere you turn.  This song beautifully captures this sentiment.

I miss you so much, I can’t stand it.  Seems like my heart, is breaking in two.  My head says no but my soul demands it.  Everything I do, reminds me of you.

Missing You Song No. 13: “Tonight I Wanna Cry” by Keith Urban

This is one of those songs that is relevant to any type of loss, whether that loss is the death of someone we love, or loss that comes when a relationship ends.

The song is about the intense pain and loneliness that ensues when someone we love is no longer a part of our lives.

Alone in this house again tonight.  I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine.  There’s pictures of you and I on the walls around me. The way that it was and could have been surrounds me.

Missing You Song No. 12: “I’ll See You In My Dreams” by Giant

This song is about how we can temporarily escape the pain of missing someone special by seeing him or her in our dreams.

Time, time will never be a friend of mine again.  It tries to make your memory fade, but I won’t let it end.  Let the sun go down, so I can drift away.  Let me close my eyes and live another day.  You keep comin’, you keep comin’ back, you keep comin’ back for more.

Missing You Song No. 11: “Please Remember” by Leann Rimes

This is one of those songs about losing someone that always makes us cry.

From the soundtrack of the movie “A Walk to Remember,” this song speaks of the pain of losing someone you love and the life you could have had together.  It also implores us to treasure our precious memories.

Time, sometimes the time just slips away.  And you’re left with yesterday.  Left with the memories.  I, I’ll always think of you and smile.  And be happy for the time I had you with me.  Though we go our separate ways.  I won’t forget so don’t forget.  The memories we made.

Missing You Song No. 10: “When I’m Gone” by Joey and Rory

This already heartbreaking song has an even more heartbreaking story behind it.

Joey and Rory were a husband and wife country music bluegrass duo.  They recorded this song in 2012, and it’s about a dying wife reassuring her husband that he’ll be okay when she’s gone.

The songwriter, Sandy Lawrence, wrote this ballad when her own mother was dying.  The motivation for writing the song was to leave something behind for her husband and son in case she were to pass away before them, to let them know they’d be okay.

Tragically, 3 years after they recorded this song, Rory announced that his beloved wife Joey was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that she’d sadly passed away.

A bright sunrise will contradict.  The heavy fog that weighs you down.  In spite of all the funeral songs, the birds will make their joyful sounds.  You’ll wonder why the Earth still moves.  You’ll wonder how you’ll carry on.  But you’ll be okay on that first day when I’m gone.

Missing You Song No. 9: “Love Is Stronger Than Death” by The The

Matt Johnson of the band “The The” wrote this touching song following the death of his beloved brother.

During the deep depression that followed, he found writing this song therapeutic.  The lyrics remind us that those we love never truly die because they live on through our love.  Love is always stronger than death.

In our lives we hunger for those we cannot touch.  All the thoughts unuttered & all the feelings unexpressed.  Play upon our hearts like the mist upon our breath.  But, awoken by grief, our spirits speak, ‘How could you believe that the life within the seed that grew arms that reached and a heart that beat. And lips that smiled. And eyes that cried. Could ever die?’

Missing You Song No. 8: “Far Away” by Nickelback

This song says, “I miss you and I need you.”

Although the song is not necessarily about the death of a loved one, the lyrics talks about how we can sometimes take for granted what we have.  Sometimes it takes losing him or her to realize how much you truly care.

On my knees, I’ll ask last chance for one last dance.  ‘Cause with you, I’d withstand.  All of hell to hold your hand.  I’d give it all I’d give for us.  Give anything, but I won’t give up.  ‘Cause you know you know, you know.

Missing You Song No. 7: “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

James Taylor wrote this song while dealing with depression after the death of a close friend.

This song’s mournful lyrics speak of loss, as well as of redemption.  It’s a cathartic song to listen to if you’re struggling with grief.

Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone.  Susanne the plans they made put an end to you.  I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song.  I just can’t remember who to send it to.

Missing You Song No. 6: “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

You may remember this beautiful song from the “Fast and the Furious 7” movie soundtrack.

It was recorded in tribute to the late Paul Walker, one of the film’s stars, after his sudden death in a car accident in 2013.

The message of this song is simple but powerful.  Everyone has loved ones, and everyone will experience the loss of a loved one.  What’s important is to cherish the time we spend together, because when death separates us, our memories will live on.

It’s been a long day without you, my friend.  And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.  We’ve come a long way from where we began.  Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.  When I see you again.

Missing You Song No. 5: “Dancing In The Sky” by Dani and Lizzy

If you’re missing someone who’s passed away, listen to this song for peace and comfort.  This song expresses that our loved ones are in heaven, happy, free of pain and fear, and at peace.

Oh-oh-oh I, I hope you’re dancing in the sky.  I hope your singing in the angels choir.  And I hope the angels, know what they have.  I bet it’s so nice up in heaven since you arrived.

Missing You Song No. 4: “Why” by Rascal Flatts

This song by country band “Rascal Flatts” is a moving ballad that tells the story of a life cut tragically short by suicide.  It’s written from the point of view of those left behind.

If you have lost someone to suicide, this beautiful song may express the grief that you are struggling with.

Oh why, that’s what I keep askin’.  Was there anything I could have said or done.  Oh I, had no clue you were masking a troubled soul, God only knows.  What went wrong, and why you’d leave the stage in the middle of a song.

Missing You Song No. 3: “Candle In The Wind” by Elton John

Sir Elton John first released this beautiful piano ballad in 1973 in honour of the late Marilyn Monroe who had died 11 years earlier.  He later performed a rewritten version titled “Goodbye England’s Rose”  at the funeral of his friend, Princess Diana.

Missing You Song No. 2: “I Miss My Friend” by Darryl Worley

This emotional song is a must-listen if you’re missing someone who was the love of your life and also your best friend.  It’s one of our most favourite songs about missing someone special.

We cannot be helped but be moved by the lines:

I miss my friend.  The one my heart and soul confided in.  The one I felt the safest with the one who knew just what to say to make me laugh again.  And let the light back in.  I miss my friend.

Missing You Song No. 1: “A Day Without Me” by U2

The themes in this song revolve around suicide and mental illness. Bono wrote the lyrics to “A Day Without Me” after the hearing news that Ian Curtis, the frontman/vocalist of the band “Joy Division,” had taken his life.

If you’ve lost someone to suicide, we hope you find some comfort in this beautiful song.

In the world I left behind.  Wipe their eyes, and then let go.  To the world I left behind.  Shed a tear, and then let go.

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